An ensemble of some of the worst in music video making.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A star is born, "It's So Cold in the D"

This video has "I made this on my dad's computer after school" written all over it.

It's hard to say what's worst about it. The completely expressionless singer? The out of tune lyrics? The persistent zooming in and out of every frame? The exploitation of every rap video cliché possible? - They even pour some drinks on the ground of a cemetery. These high school students were clearly avid rap video watchers before they decided to make their foray into the genre.

Maybe what's worst is that, despite its abundance of faults, a week after viewing this gem, my friend and I found ourselves singing "It's so cold in the D" and debating on what she says next. "How the fuck we supposta keep peace?" Maybe that's it.

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