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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The crusade begins, "Shine On Me"

This video is a little too good to be true.

Call it a mess of period reconstitution. Is this dude in Renaissance times? In the Matrix? In a fantasy land under a witch's spell? In a carriage in 18th century European somewhere?

All I can get from the story line is a some sort of a love story and that this adventure starts and ends with a ship sailing. And at one point in the video, three hot witches sink it. He also might have died?

Someone must have proposed the following list: Glowing orbs, fire-breathing dragons, fights in ice-castles, sexy witches, multiple explosions, ballroom dancing, promenades through forests on horses, and fan blowing of Mr. Owen's hair. And someone else actually said, "YES! That captures the song, "Shine On Me" perfectly!"

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  1. Just learned this is part of a trilogy of videos by this dude. The fantasy continues.